The new draft law on media from SDSM is fight against enemies

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Zoran Zaev, like any other politician, publicly announced that his biggest enemies are some Macedonian media, which does not operate under the dictates of the party headquarters in Bihakjka.


He at today’s press conference finally admitted that media are his enemies and that he considers them for political enemies of the opposition.

– The present position of SDSM and my personal view is that greater political enemy to us as the opposition, are media such as Sitel, Kanal 5, Alfa TV, Dnevnik and the Macedonian Radio and Television, said Zaev answering journalist question.

This statement is scandalous on several occasions, but the goal is one and unique, and it is fight of Zaev with the media that have any criticism on his work. Zoran Zaev otherwise is person who leads a party that for years falsely advocates for freedom of media. With such statement, he shows complete disregard to the journalistic profession, but also to all employees in most media.

Fact the SDSM has no respect for the profession and what is their relationship to the media it is more than obvious. Kurir for days is the topic of numerous party announcements that SDSM sends, so instead of leading battle with his political opponent, Zaev’s party wants to fight with journalists.

Numerous opinion polls suggest the ruling party enjoys far greater trust among citizens than SDSM has low percentage. Faced with the uncertainty of election results, the party at Bihakjka, began to compete with the media, but through a very dirty game.

Both journalists’ associations, MAN and AJM reacted to attempt of SDSM through amendments to the Law on Media to oppose their “political enemies”. Therefore, SDSM proposed scandalous Law on Media through which wants to take matters into their own hands and to dictate how the journalism will work in Macedonia. SDSM proposes practical dictatorship.

SDSM remains on the requirements for party control of media

SDSM confirmed that they remain on their proposals that introduce full partisanship and totalitarianism in the media. The head of the Center for communications at the opposition party says that although their proposals are not derived from European experience still are necessary before the election in April.

“Every party has its own negotiating positions and normal that behind the proposals given by the parties stand possibly others, we stand behind our proposals – we think that Macedonia should be fully depoliticize, democratization to the regulatory bodies and the media environment, but should also provide basic conditions for fair and regular elections in April 24 and that means media that will inform professional, objective, transparent – SDSM stands for it.” – said yesterday Popovski.

The first step of brutal partisanship of the media is the SDSM proposal as that party proposes three members in the Council of Agency for media, together with non-government Soros proponents to provide majority in the Council of the Agency for Media, which controls all media in the country. In no European country there is such political party to propose representatives in the Agency for Media.

The SDSM introduction of Communism and party dictatorship in the media is confirmed by their request their president of the Agency for media alone to award or revoke licenses for operation of the medium without decision from the Agency Council, which is the dictatorship of a person, which is not present in any other law in the country, one person to decide for the work of one subject.