The new rally with violence will be held on 17 May

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Zaev and SDSM rally, announced for 17 May is rally for saving the careers of its leadership and above all, the party leader.


It is certain that after the debacle achieved with political bombs and their failure to change the mood of the citizens, which is basically huge manipulation that has not passed, and revealing the plan for destabilization of Zaev will go on either all or nothing on the rally on 17. In public and in some media are already widely spread current information that SDSM is preparing for violent protests. For this purpose, SDSM already mobilized the membership with focus on collecting abusers and people with multiple file of offenders and former prisoners with series of crimes.

Something similar, but on smaller scale did on the protests on 5 before the Government where the great ones in the violence against the police were people with extensive criminal record. Their task for 17 is to lead groups should withdraw the mass of people and create incidents.


There are rumors that at the entrance to Skopje are already provided several truckloads with tools for fight i.e. stones, sticks, shingles, tiles and paving bricks and will welcome the groups that will arrive for the protest.

The already published part of the plan, several of these groups will be separated from the crowd that according the scenario will march on the main streets of Skopje and will begin rampage, in terms of breaking few shop windows and screaming toward the police that will provide the ground.

Despite police on target will be several state institutions with plan to forcibly take over. Mobilized are fans groups close to the SDSM and are called to help people from abroad, which are paid by the Soros Foundation with vast experience of making violent protests and creating chaos.



Тhere are rumors that certain structures SDSM obtained weapons with firepower that is not exclude from being used on 17.

To get to all this SDSM has already made big field preparations in terms of maximum activation of the teams for violence for which there were photos in public while they were exercising at the headquarters of SDSM preparing for a fight and violence. Militant psychosis that is done by SDSM for the protests on 17th is seen in the information for making lists of people who are labeled as the strongest with rich criminal record and should practice violence and would practically sacrifice for SDSM and Zaev. Experts and people who follow such scenarios in regional context, especially the Ukrainian scenario is not excluded shooting on 17th by the armed mercenaries SDSM in order to create chaos.



The media already were reporting for very close ties and staggering indicative moments that SDSM and Zaev are part of the scenario of the terrorist group in Kumanovo and therefore does not exclude support of those militant Albanians who would play important role in implementing the script for violent protest of SDSM on May 17.

From what is known so far, the terrorist group that was cracked in Kumanovo had plan to act with terrorist acts precisely in the days when SDSM should hold the announced protest. Police in that case would be focused on gathering and terrorists would implement their plans. SDSM in way, excused the terrorist group for the attack on police station in Goshince for which claimed to be part of the scenario, and later, after previous confessions of the arrested terrorists themselves recognize where they have buried stolen weapons.

SDSM violent protests planned for  May 17gets great help from the Soros Foundation that is here for financial support of the organization. Such gathering is estimated to cost half a million to a million euro, given the financial power of Soros, it will not present be problem.

On the other hand, SDSM is faced with low turnout and the rejection of the sobering membership SDSM who does not want to come out to protest and be part of the violence and the battle for personal salvation of Zaev, because there where SDSM is in power in Kumanovo, Strumica and supported by the Municipality Centar is making mass mobilization and lists of compulsory presence at the rally.

The pressures were so great, they yelled to the employees that the expulsion from work is the best solution, a penalty that will happen and that for their passivity can be punish even their loved ones. While estimates were if can collect all the means at their disposal, barely 10 thousand that would be a success which they would show at least 4 times more.

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