Gruevski: VMRO-DPMNE has fulfilled all obligations, SDSM is running away from elections

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VMRO-DPMNE has fulfilled all obligations under the agreements, and SDSM only wants to postpone the elections, pointed the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.


-Once the crisis began that was caused by the SDSM this year created by using materials such as Zaev said from foreign intelligence services, resolving the crisis went through mutual talks that were supported and facilitated by the international community. Agreement that was reached in Skopje, in June and July, predicted a larger number of obligations on both sides. Most of them on our side, the lower on SDSM side. We have fulfilled our obligations. Maybe somewhere there was a week to two weeks-delay, but largely were met. These delays were not due to our fault, but because of SDSM attempts to drag the operation and to postpone the elections, said  Gruevski answering the journalist’s question.

SDSM, said the Prime Minister had important and key obligation, and neither that wants to meet, i.e. to hand over the materials of SPP.

-It is obvious that Zaev wants to avoid this obligation; it is obvious that he wants to create a situation that will delay the elections. He wants to make various attempts to delay the elections. If they cannot do it in one way, will do it in another, or third, on each side, from every possible angle are trying to find way to cause quarrel as to cause dissolution of the agreement, in way, the final goal is to postpone elections. They know that they will lose because they feel the pulse of public opinion, which does not, succumbed to the manipulations that during this year SDSM did with trying to destabilize the country by putting at great risk, taking all citizens as hostages, added the Prime Minister.

For Gruevski it is incomprehensible what Zaev said i.e. that the materials were safer with him than with the Special Prosecutor.

-Macedonian Police is already securing the building where he delegated the Minister of Interior Affairs. There are secured and other matters as security, safety deposit box and like. It is clear that the SDSM is in panic of losing the election. They end this year with great fear and panic that they will face with heavy defeat in the next elections, Gruevski said.