Peshevski: Macedonia this year will have economic growth among the highest in Europe

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We further expect this year the Macedonian economy to have growth and become one of the highest in Europe. The projections that we have and which correspond to number of financial institutions, show only small correction downward, but not nearly we cannot speak of it that we will not have growth.


This was stated by Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Vladimir Peshevski after today’s launch of the electronic register, answering the reporter’s question – how he interpretes the evaluation of Commissioner Johannes Hahn who in interview with Radio Free Europe that the economic growth in Macedonia out of the expected four percents, currently is zero percent, reported MIA.

According to him, Han might not have at disposal the most precise data at this point.

In connection with the information that 30 decisions of foreign investors have been put on hold, Peshevski stressed that this year is expected to have record in the number of published new foreign investment.

– We lead intensive and active discussions with number of them so that, if someone because of the situation is postponing the plans, it is likely, but there are many that will continue, and that the Prime Minister and Ministers announce and will announce in the future. Of course, the situation has not favorable influence to increase the number of foreign investors, but now we enjoy the results of what has been done in the past, emphasized Deputy Prime Minister.

For today’s assessment and recommendations of the IMF, Peshevski refer journalists to seek answer from the Ministry of Finance.