Zaev’s “bomb” exploded in his hand

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Espionage involving foreign structures and a threat to change constitutional order are the crimes Macedonian Interior Ministry (MoI) is charging Zoran Zaev and Zoran Verusevski with. It is a matter of a well-organized network, which Zoran Verusevski and his wife are also part of. Vast material of monitored communications, conversations with many public officials and politicians, institutions and classified information were found in both their computers.


Four persons, including SDSM opposition party leader Zoran Zaev, are suspects in “Putsch” police operation, MoI informs. According to the police, primary suspect is former secret service National Security and Counterintelligence (DBK) director, Zoran Verusevski, charged with espionage and assisting violence against state officials.

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is also one of the suspects. He has been holding meetings with Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski as of September, threatening him with evidence against him, asking him for a technical government and elections. In return, Zaev was claiming he will not be publishing the so-called “bombs”.

According to the police, Zaev’s source was Verusevski. In a search of Verusevski’s home on 22 January, 2 guns, 4 computers and 6 cell phones were found. Computer data analysis of the thousands of documents found, indicate these crimes have been committed. Recordings of conversations of politicians and public officials were part of the evidence found. It is a matter of vast amount of material, containing over one million files.


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