Huge progress of Macedonia in the criminal system

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Out of 13 recommendations, 10 of them are met by Macedonia and the remaining three are partially filled, it is written in the report of GRECO – Body of the Council of Europe for combat against the corruption. With this, the country has made great progress in that area.

Macedonia has made great progress and the report of GRECO relating to the incrimination and transparency of party funding is considered positive, said Marchela Marin the head of the Group of States against Corruption – a body established by the Council of Europe. Out of the 13 recommendations made by GRECO , the country met 10 and 3 partially.

– For us, GRECO is more than enough to conclude that evaluation round. It is obvious that Macedonia has made great progress in this area and need to continue with these recommendations 2-3, that are partially filled, they should be finalize in the legal practice because there is part, that is in particular the auditors and their powers, research of  illegal activities in the area of ​​financing of political campaigns and punishment. These provisions can be said are little complicated but I am sure that Macedonia will do everything necessary – said Marchela Marin, President of GRECO.

The conclusions of a report published yesterday for transparency in party funding, states that progress has been made in terms of informing the political parties for their commitments to transparency and the involvement of third parties during election campaigns. It states that have been undertaken steps to increase the role of the State Audit Office in system monitoring and sanctioning. Marchela emphasized that transparency is very important in the financing of political parties.

– The funding of political parties is very important because parties exist for the citizens and they need to be transparent, they have to know what is happening because the citizens have elected them and why politicians must be willing to bear that burden and transparency and even punishment if they do something illegal – added Marchela.

With this, the third round of GRECO evaluation is completed. Follows the 4, concerning the prevention of corruption among lawmakers, judges and prosecutors. This report is not yet finished, but Marchela sends message to lawmakers, judges and prosecutors that they should be aware that they need to apply the highest moral and ethical standards.

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