Macedonian government sends another 200,000 euros to Serbia and BiH

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At today’s session , the Government of the Republic of Macedonia discussed the situation with the help and contribution of our country to disadvantaged regions in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Government adopted decision to send additional aid of 100,000 euros to Serbia and 100,000 euros  for Bosnia and Herzegovina from the state budget of the Republic of Macedonia, inform government spokesman Aleksander Georgiev.

– The government has decided that all funds that would be collected on the basis of open phone lines for donation, will be processed by a penny as humanitarian assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The state will not keep the VAT , but it will be given as humanitarian aid and will be sent to affected areas after the completion of the whole action, which lasts until 30 of this month, said Georgiev.

Government sent advice to all companies that have n interest and intention to donate specific items to help donation for Serbia and Bosnia , before they do that to seek an opinion from the Ministry of Justice that it is donation of public interest, it will get in quick time interval and will be exempt from tax burdens in accordance with legal regulations.

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