Eighteen years after the attack for assassination over President Gligorov

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18 years ago was executed attack for assassination over the first President of the Republic of Macedonia, Kiro Gligorov, which he survived with severe head injuries.

The site was killed his driver Aleksandar Spirovski and his bodyguard, Ilco Teovski was wounded. Due to the injuries, died Hristo Hristomanov, random passenger, while Klime Korobar and Jovan Atanasovski were injuring too.

It remains unknown who was behind the assassination. Investigation procedure conducted against unknown perpetrator is still open. The investigation determined that the assassination was well prepared and organized, and that only by fortunate the President Gligorov survived the assassination.

The attack was carried out by a car bomb on 3th of October 3, 1995 at 9:50 am on the street “Makedonija” in front of the hotel “Bristol” when Gligorov with the vehicle was going from his residence to the workplace at the Macedonian Parliament.

In the car “Citroen Ami 8″ were hidden 20kg of explosives, which were detonated by remote control when the vehicle of Gligorov was moving towards the building. Before the blast, the President’s vehicle was slowed down by one “Ficho” on street “Makedonia”.

30 850 vehicles were searched during the investigation, over 15,000 structures were inspected, more than 188 000 people were identified, out of which 19,000 were searched. The MIA conducted several interrogations with people who were believed for being possible perpetrators of the assassination, but they were released after interrogations.

Kiro Gligorov died on 1st of January 2012 at the age of 94.

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