PHOTO: Macedonia got the first ultramodern train

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Next month in Macedonia will be delivered the first of six passenger trains for the “Macedonian Railways Transport” AD produced by the Chinese company CRRC. New passenger electromotive furniture was promoted today at the plant of the company in the city Zhuzhou before Macedonian delegation led by Minister of Transport and Communications Minister Vlado Misajlovski, reports MIA.


The train has three carriages with capacity of 200 passengers and is able to speed up to 160 kilometers per hour, reports MIA. From CRRC inform that Macedonia will purchases another four diesel electric motors and gaskets, which according to the minister Misajlovski should arrive by January next year.

With the project of the Government to rebuild the fleet of railway, pointed Misajlovski Macedonia for the first time since independence is getting modern electric train.


– Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia have given confidence Nikola Gruevski and this Government for thousands of reasons, and those thousands reasons are projects provided in the program. Today we have the honor to see and to make technical acceptance of the first electric train that Macedonia would get after the independence. It is newfangled train which will arrive in one month in Macedonia, said Misajlovski after the launch of the train.


-According to plan, he added, we will continue with the realization of the program. Macedonia will get six most modern trains. Macedonian citizens should be satisfied and feel all the benefits of the government program, said Misajlovski.

According to the director of MZ Transport Nikola Kostov, the new trains will provide opportunities to increase the number of passengers.


– It will operate on the lines Gevgelija – Skopje and Skopje – Bitola, and will introduce new business relations trains Tetovo – Skopje, Kumanovo – Skopje and Veles – Skopje. This means that the opportunities and the capacity to increase the number of passengers in Macedonia is huge, said Kostov.

Trains, he said, have outstanding technical characteristics and conditions and will allow passengers to enjoy travel. – They meet the highest European safety standards. All these trains, were previously examined by the safety and security bodies of the European Commission since this train of the company will be not only the first in Macedonian, but also in the European market, said Kostov.


General Director of CRRC Joe Finches stressed that Macedonia is very important market for the company due to the geo-strategic position in the Balkans. – We hope that in the future will have other projects in your country and in the region and therefore invested lot of effort and attention in the making of this train that meets the highest standards demanded, said Finches.

New passenger trains will have total capacity of 1,200 passengers, it will cover 60 percent of the lines held by MZ – Transport. They need to be air-conditioned, equipped with vacuum toilets, to meet the most stringent energy efficiency measures to meet safety standards and conditions for the transport of persons with limited movement.


According to Kostov, due to the high technical characteristics of the trains before placing into operation the driver of Railways Transport will be trained by CRRC staff.

Procurement of trains is performed with 25 million of the loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development intended to rebuild the fleet of Railways Transport. With 15 million euro of loan was financed the purchase of 150 wagons for the MZ – Transport, and 10 million for renovation of existing locomotives and garnish.


CRRC is the world’s largest manufacturers of locomotives and wagons for the carriage of passengers and goods. Manufactures and servicing locomotives and wagons for passengers and cargo, engines for vehicles and vehicles for urban transport and related components, and has produced the first electric locomotive in China.