Geroski with curses to citizens

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Fist impact media of SDSM, the editor “Plusinfo” and “Sloboden Pechat” Branko Geroski delivered serial of curses and vulgar insults at group of people calling them with array of abusive words.


Geroski sent the message through Facebook to several people and as he says, “other pooches”, and shudder the public. According to Geroski, these people were “mental” and only are able to “suck it”.

-Branko Nikolovski, Gjorgji Crcevski, Zoran Jevtic, Matej Stoilov, Ivan Kusinikov, Kire Zdraveski other pooches of the dog Milenko. As long as your pack-leader has no courage to let me comment on his offensive posts and let me there tell you that you are mental I have nothing else to tell you than – you can suck it!, wrote Geroski in the vulgar post on his profile.

With this shameful and low vocabulary, Branko Geroski not only took over the “wording” of Sashe Ivanovski – Politiko, but also has upgraded and expanded it.


Geroski is one of many opposition trainees that on the most vulgar way insult their own people. Two days ago, on the eve of Independence Day, Mirjana Najchevska on the most brutal way offended the Macedonian people, calling them stupid.

No, these people are not dope. They are not even scared. The truth is much simpler. They are simply stupid people, as chips. Uncouth, wrote Najchevska, the self-proclaimed human rights activist.

If we add to this the shameful insult by SDSM presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski during the campaign, when in vulgar way insulted Macedonian citizens calling them cattle, it becomes clear the opposition trainees opinion and in the case of Pendarovski and politicians from the opposition for Macedonian citizens. For opposition, obviously it is the people who are not good.

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