Macedonia’s membership in NATO is firm commitment of both sides

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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen had meeting with the Macedonian government and they exchanged views on several topics and discussed the implemented reforms in the country.

As stated Gruevski, common conclusion from the meeting was that Macedonia’s membership in NATO is strong interest and commitment of both sides.

The Prime Minister added that Macedonia remains priority for NATO and the country will continue to contribute to peacekeeping missions.

– We have exchanged views on developments in the region, particularly in the defense and overcoming the difference in attitudes related to the name issue with Greece. Macedonia has the same main interest, as it is the only obstacle to Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia, Gruevski said.

The fact that the Minister visited NATO and Rasmussen visit to are confirmation of good relations.

Macedonia provides valued contribution to ISAF and IKFOR.

Our stability and your future are very important, as you are close to us, not only geographically but also in history and culture, so I wait to see your membership in NATO, our doors are open for you, said after meeting Rasmussen.

Gruevski concluded that Macedonia would make every attempt as soon as possible to find solution to the name issue as it is the only obstacle in this case and said that overcoming differences does not depends only for Macedonia.

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