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Актерот дебело платил да се тестира за коронавирус: Владата не му ги дава резултатите, ова е причината

Актерот дебело платил да се тестира за коронавирус: Владата не му ги дава резултатите, ова е причината

Актерот Даниел Њуман (38), познат од серијата „Walking Dead“, платил огромна сума на пари за да направи тест за коронавирус. Но, не знае дали е позитивен или негативен бидејќи не му ги даваат резултатите.

Тој изјавил дека бил во близок контакт со лицето кое е заразено со коронавирус.

-Бев во Австралија и бев во контакт со некои луѓе за кои беше потврдено дека имаат коронавирус. Наскоро имав благи симптоми и кога се вратив во Америка поминав цел ден разговарајќи со претставници на разни болници. Тестови немаше. Конечно најдов болница која имаше тестови и ми рекоа да дојдам на тест веднаш заради симптомите што ги имав. Направив тест, но Владата не дозволи да бидат процесуирани затоа што сум имал само „лесни симптоми“. Рекоа дека тестираат и издаваат резултати само за лица со тешки симптоми, стари лица и ризични категории, истакна Даниел.

За тестот платил 9.116 долари.


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Thanks for all the concern! I guess a lot of #WalkingDead fans saw me in the emergency room regarding #CoronaVirus. Sorry I didn’t reply I needed time to process. So here’s what happened. Yes I was just in Australia with Sam Smith, Dua Lipa, and thousands of people from around the world for Mardi Gras Pride. I was exposed to some sick people and I started developing symptoms and then back in the states I was notified someone in our group tested positive for #Covid19. I spent all day calling every urgent care and hospital no one had tests! Finally I found one emergency room that told me my symptoms match and to come in immediately. I did all the tests and they told me because I have “mild symptoms“ the government won’t allow them to process my tests! They don’t have enough they’re not prepared, even though all my symptoms match. They’re only allowed to process “severe symptoms, elderly, or people recently in Italy and China”. It cost me $9,116!! and they didn’t even give me results. They sent me home and tons of other ill people that could potentially infect their communities, just telling us to “self Quarantine“. Why after almost 3 months since China is our country not prepared with tests, masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper! Why after one day of shaky stock markets did they invest 1.5 trillion into the markets, but not the Healthcare system after three months! This was not a surprise, this was not being prepared. We’ve already gone through #H1N1 #SARS why didn’t we have a pandemic unit ready when this happens every few years!? Everyone please treat each other with kindness and Love ❤️! We are all going through this together. Young people are not immune, thousands of people are dying around the world. Please be safe, wash your hands, stay 6 feet or more away from people and stay home. I love you guys so much you can get a hold of me on here or Twitter if you need to talk I’m here for you. Love – D

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