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Таа е вработена мајка на 6 деца, а нејзината куќа секогаш “блеска“: Ова се нејзините тајни

Таа е вработена мајка на 6 деца, а нејзината куќа секогаш “блеска“: Ова се нејзините тајни

Вработена мајка со шест деца, помали од шест години открила како го одржува редот во својата куќа, наспроти хаотичниот семеен живот.

Крешел Картер (27) не само што го води домаќинството туку и успева да обезбеди совршено чист дом, пишува “Daily Mail”.

Австралијанката која покрај сè го води и блогот “Eight At Home“ е позната и по духовитиот пристап кон семејниот живот. Неодамна таа открила како управува со целата “збрка” во својот дом.

Оваа мајка од јужна Австралија не е една од оние домаќинки кои секогаш средуваат по другите, туку живее по правилото “децата помагаат”.

“Сликаме, си играме со коцки и правиме различни активности преку кои децата се забавуваат, но откако ќе завршат со тоа, тие мора да ги средат своите соби”, нагласува Картер.

Monday’s be like. Monday Fresh faced. Feeling good. I’m going to kick this week in it’s smug little butt. Watch out week!!!! Hey look at me; drinks a protein shake, kicks legs in the air. Gonna do a workout and a fitness walk for fun because sunshine and shit. Fuck yes it’s Monday children. Here eat some blueberries mammas on fire. Tuesday Still feeling good. Did you see what I did to yesterday; I fucking destroyed yesterday. Like a boss. Now round two of my double fitness, protein shake. Looks at self in mirror; should be two sizes smaller but hey I’m still fantastic and dedicated; so dedicated. No children you can’t have blueberries again we’re not fucking millionaires; here have a banana! Wooooooohooo, Tuesdays are rad. Wednesday I’m a bit sore today. Finding it hard to get up from a standing position. Okay rest day. Rest days are just as fucking important; don’t look at me like that I’m hurting. I’ve still got this I just need a little rest. And an Oreo. But not like a whole Oreo, just half an Oreo. I’ll be fine tomorrow I’ll start fresh back to it and we’ll get shit done. Children; bananas again. Yes sorry I don’t have a variety of fruit available to you because I’m fucking human and I make mistakes and I bought too many banana and now they are going brown; so eat up! Thursday I think I’m getting sick. The kids had this virus and I think I have it now but worse than they had it because they didn’t even seem to be as sick as what I feel. I really need a nap. And some panadol. I’m still going to go for my walk. “Hunny should I go for a walk if I’m unwell” “No you should probably just nap here you go nap and I’ll take the kids.” “Oh okay, your right night night” “Here kids have some bananas” Friday Boom. Period town. Knew something was up. Okay I’m feeling better but I’ve already ruined this week. I started so strong on Monday and now here we are at Friday and I really need a wine because my child stabbed someone with a pencil and I guess we’ll just start Monday again. Or try and do a fitness walk with the kids this weekend. Saturday Eats More on blog or Facebook 🙂 xx Happy Monday people ????‍?

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“Играчките одат на свое место, нечистата облека оди во корпата за алишта, а чистата облека на нејзиното одредено место. Исто така, децата сами ги местат своите кревети”.

Кречел открива дека е немилосрдна кога станува збор за тоа што ќе се фрли, а што ќе се задржи во домот.

„Имам само тави и тенџериња во домот кои постојано ги користам, доволно прекривачи за секој кревет и минимум непотребни работи”, објаснува таа.

Секој член од семејството има по една фиока за ситници кои ги чуваат, а сето останато кое не се користи или е скршено, се фрла.

The mythical Mum poo It’s like a regular poo except they never happen. I literally don’t have time to poo. It gives “not giving a shit” whole new meaning. So you hold and you hold and then you become constipated but you can’t cry because somebody’s probably watching you poo. So you cry on the inside like a winner; And then you get hemorrhoids. Oh hemorrhoids you wonderful beautiful things. Butt cherries… again giving “bubble butt” a whole new meaning and I’m not being gansta’. It’s where your butt actually says hello to you. It’s an anal high five; parenthood; it’s magical. And then you have these tiny people that you have to watch always. So I always poo with the door slightly ajar. Your welcome visitors. And right when I about to get some action (of the bowel variety) someone runs through screaming telling me my three year old has scaled a bookcase and is drinking vodka. FML And then you can’t stop going. Because you ate spicy food Because you drank a bottle of wine. Because you had gluten and dairy and all the things that used to do nothing are now and internal flick of your poo switch. It’s been proven that your gut has links to being stressed. So every Mum out there is basically screwed. And I mean what’s more stressful than being a Mum. Right now I’m stuck inside with six children on a 42 degreee day; for 10 hours when everyone has given up napping. Which is why I’m on the toilet writing this right now. Ohhhh sorry Susan your too classy to use your phone on the toilet; liar. Mostly everyone’s done it. On one occasion or another. And I figure if my six children touch my phone; it’s not getting any dirtier at this point; they are tiny bacterial germ incubators. I’ve literally shit my pants before. Not before becoming a Mum. But now I have. You tiny blessings. I thought that the spinach smoothie was not sitting right and I thought I could hold it in; because I had four children in a trolley in woolworths and how the fuck do I poo with four children and a trolley And still hold on to my dignity. You can’t. Please if you want to read more it’s on my blog or FB. If you’ve gone this far you mite aswell! Krechelle ? X

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“Доколку нешто не користите секојдневно и доколку не ве прави среќни, не ви треба”, додава таа.

Многумина родители со мали деца знаат колку се тешки утрата. Картер вели дека никогаш не излегува од домот сè додека истиот не е уреден.

“Децата ги средуваат своите соби и ги местат своите кревети. Доколку наутро за време на појадокот, тие одлучат да си играат на подот, мора да ги соберат сите играчки и да ги вратат на место. Јас секогаш се грижам садовите да се измиени, а масата на која што појадуваме да е уредна”.

I’m skipping New Years. Why as parent were doing nothing for New Year’s Eve ever. What are you doing for New Years? I love it when people ask me this question. Well it’s a Bloody Sunday Susan so I suppose we’ll just do what we do every Sunday and do some gardening and then watch some tv before bed. And maybe we’ll buy an extra large pack of sparklers- that we’ll forget to set off untill next year. Let’s just get real. Easter hunts- a blast. Christmas morning- sensational! Birthdays- hit and miss ??? But New Year’s Eve. We have six tiny devil people that after eight pm turn into little predators of the night, so the thought of taking them out in public; around people; seems a bit bat shit crazy- in the eve. And I need a dam break. Christmas was a blast but god it’s hard work but then you want us Mums to pick up where left off seven days later and organize some other occasion. Piss off mate. And as much as I’d love to post a beach selfie of our family and write some rubbish underneath like “bringing in 2018 with my favorites and the ocean”. My photos of lies can fuck right of. I really don’t feel the need to do a headcount every 48 seconds, while I’m bellowing at dave on a busy beach “where’s sylus, where the f is sylus” . Only to find he’s found another family he likes better than us and we’re not needed anymore. Or try and work out a plan for Emerson(our one year old) ; who’s plan is and will always be “eat all the sand and rocks and seaweed” She’s great value. But not at the beach. At the beach she has no value. And then the heat. Lets talk about Australian heat on New Year’s Eve. Well it’s terrible. It’s make me sweat in places I’ve only seen when I’ve accidentally bent over in front of a mirror; after a shower. And You know what heat. Just No. And I never know what to wear because I wanna “embrace my curves” but I also don’t want to scare small children. So then I end up wearing “layers” It’s 42 degrees krechelle; take your fucking kimono off. BLOG CONTINUED on my website link in bio or Facebook. Happy bloody New Years. ? Xx

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Картер еднаш неделно ги брише подовите, ја чисти бањата, ги менува чаршафите и ја брише прашината во домот.

“За мене, деталното чистење е закажано за во сабота и истото трае околу 2 часа во кои пуштам музика, пејам, танцувам и истовремено чистам”, вели таа.

Оваа креативна мајка се колне во моќта на ваквите “акцесоари” во домот бидејќи даваат дополнителна нота на луксуз.

“Убавиот мирис ве повикува да се опуштите и да уживате. Со нив, вашата куќа мириса свежо, на зелено јаболко”, објаснува Картер низ смеа.

Иако чистотата ѝ е многу важна, таа е свесна дека најдобрите сеќавања се поврзани со играта и нередот.

“Чистата куќа не создава спомени, но одржувањето на редот нѝ пружа повеќе време да создаваме спомени какви што сакаме”, заклучува Картер.




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