VMRO-DPMNE’s EC holds its first meeting

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The Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE held its first session, condemning the political persecution by the government, which through judicial authorities is committed against MPs, artists, police officers and other persons whose only sin is that they had the courage to vigorously oppose anti-state policies of the current government.

The aim of the political persecution, according to the Executive Committee, is silencing any criticism and spreading fear among the people and all who think differently. The Executive Committee concluded that this behavior of the current government is an undemocratic act and does not contribute to the normalization of the political situation in the Republic of Macedonia.

“The adoption of the unconstitutional law on bilingualism and the ratification of the asymmetric agreement with Bulgaria, which will erase Macedonian history, is proof that SDSM’s damaging anti-state policies, which VMRO-DPMNE warned about before the elections, are becoming reality. Such policies redefine the Republic of Macedonia and cause damages in the long run, which cannot be compensated,” reads the conclusion of the session sent to the media.

At Monday’s session, the Executive Committee analyzed the disastrous economic policy run by the black economic trio Zaev, Angjushev, and Tevdovski, which has brought the country to the verge of bankruptcy. Their incapacity is paid by citizens who in only fifteen days, the current government indebted them with over 570 million euros.

“Because of the rabid policy of the new government, every citizen of Macedonia individually is indebted with over 250 euros, that is, a four-member family, thanks to Zaev, Tevdovski, and Angjushev will have to return over 1,000 euros.”

The work of the local self-government led by SDSM, according to the EC, is another confirmation of their incompetence and lack of ideas.

“The lies are the only principle in their work, and one of the indicators for this is not taking any measures on pollution, although before the elections they promised that this problem would be resolved. While Zaev is on a luxury winter holiday in Italy, and Shilegov is in Zagreb, Skopje citizens fill the clinics as a result of the polluted air that brought the capital on the list of the three most polluted cities in the world.”

VMRO-DPMNE’s EC condemned the political violence of SDSM manifested through hundreds of layoffs, degradation, and termination of contracts.

“With this way of working, the current government brings Macedonia back to the time of the dark transition when there were no norms, and the only criterion for someone to get a job or to retain their position was not professionalism or qualifications, but the blind obedience to political leadership.