SDSM party hired marketing experts from US, recommended by the Obama administration to run the election campaign

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The Obama administration recommended two marketing experts to run SDSM party election campaign for the elections held on 11th of December, and the opposition party hired them.

-Eric Burns and Kimberly Devlin are the two marketing and political campaign experts brought in Macedonia, hired by the SDSM party, who supposed to guarantee the victory for the opposition party at the elections held on 11th of December. The elections were postponed two times, on 26th of April and on 5th of June, so the international community did not wanted any mistakes. That is why these two experts were hired to provide help for the SDSM party’s political campaign. One of them from Huston, and the other from Washington. But their plan failed, since SDSM party did not won the elections, announces Vasko Eftov, in his TV show „Vo Centar“.

On both of their Facebook profiles, there are photographs from the SDSM party rallies.

Eric Burns is photographed on the rally held in Skopje:

SDSM should answer how much and how did they pay for the services, having in mind that the opposition party did not report such services.  The evasion of this information raises suspicion that marketing experts may have been paid otherwise.

Many times before we have written about the indications that SDSM may have been financed from undeclared and illegal sources.