Zaev in Soros lap and in the embrace of the foreign service

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SOROS of Vlade Milchin is the radical wing of the opposition, which advocates and promotes civil conflict and radical scenarios. With range of media, paid huge sums of money, Soros made Zaev own hostage.


Thus, except in his arms and allegiance to foreign services that not wish good for Macedonia, opposition leader is in hands and lap of Soros.

To large extent, his moves are dictated by Soros’s institute which is financing media work as extended arm of the opposition and it loudly and violently support.

Lately, for journalists paid by Soros, set themselves in advisory capacity of Zaev. It is usual for these journalists to advise the public and even to chide him in columns if for a certain job he did not listen well.

Usually SOROS-s exponents will come up with thesis as that of journalist and editor Branko Geroski that Zaev had all created materials to publish and after two days only the opposition leader gave interview with the same words repeating.

What is worrying is the fact that people employed by Soros in the media were the ones that for long time advocate for escalation of events and spread hate speech.

Most important thing is what he is doing is that people from SOROS are his idols.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski spoke about this topic yesterday at the attended mass civil gathering in Prilep.

It is obviously, Zoran Zaev is not able to plan nor his next step. He did not know which way to head faced with the disclosure, the facts, evidence, and confessions.

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