Student plenum is extended hand of SDSM and SOROS

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The informal student organization “Student Plenum” that is behind the protests of students after the announced exam which should increase the quality of higher education again announces march without offering suggestions and remarks with credible basis. From previous protests was showed that Students Plenum does not exist, that the protests are driven by high officials from SDSM, which in turn are directly coordinated by senior officials leading the opposition SDSM.


That students are manipulated is shows at their last protest in Shtip, where it was driven by activists of the main opposition party, SDSM, and suffered complete fiasco. Namely, the protest was unsuccessful, as shown by the data that out of the 20,000 students in Shtip, only 60 came out. Students stood on the side of quality and to commitment for diplomas to be equivalent to knowledge, not money.

At the protest in Skopje could be seen senior SDSM, who were at the forefront of the crowd which led students. The protest against concept that is not planned, nor would happen, was organized by the SDSM, coordinated by prominent members of the SDSM.

Influence and money of Soros foundations in the country and the structures of the main opposition party, can be seen in the background of the student protests. Besides officials of SDSM directly aimed at organizing the protests, the entire operation includes network MOF, which has been coordinated and funded by large amounts of Soros Macedonia.


Student plenum through MOF is an extended arm of Soros and SDSM

MOF is organization whose people participate in the Student Plenum, which was profiled as informal initiative that supported the organization of student protests.

NGO Youth Educational Forum for four years took nearly one million donations from Soros.

Millions of independent projects, or seemingly independent. In the period 2008-2011, according to reports in the frame of the MOF FIOOM permeated 46 million 663 thousand, or about 750 thousand euro. Donations Macedonian representative of Soros for MOF were growing every year.


MOF is one the Soros Foundation’s grantees

Part of MOF leaders are activists of SDSM. Former Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski, in a column published last December wrote that MOF is one of daughter organization of Soros Foundation – Open Society Macedonia.

Soros Foundation in Macedonia has grown into major financier of numerous organizations whose structures are filled by people from SDSM and then diversified its activities to overthrow the government and denigrate any reform and government project. This could be seen in the recent protests by students, in which people from the opposition and Soros’ lever were actively involved in spreading disinformation to students and their manipulation on the state exam.


Students support the state exam, manipulations continue

SDSM and Soros along with its levers, deliberately continue to bring confusion to students, opening dilemma that will be applied externally exam rather than state exam. Continues spamming by Soros’ media, arguing over whether it is external or state exam, in circumstances where clearly has been made it clear that it is not external testing.

The difference between external testing and exam is huge. External exam is for teachers and state exam is to provide minimum knowledge of students. To pass the state exam the student does not have to confirm the assessment that has already received, but to demonstrate knowledge of at least the minimum junction assessment or 6. For external exam students are evaluated, and the results are known after a period. In the national exam is enough to pass the exam, and the results are immediately known.

Students feel manipulated, they say that the state exam is concept that they support. These are some of their statements:

-First, we were informed that it is external testing, but then there were reports that it is state exam. We as students support it. First, it will improve the quality of education and staff that would be established.

-Such reform is necessary because we know that there are different schools, some private, and some public. The private, as we all know, students pass lot easier. I think it will improve the way students study. It will apply to the next generations and will not affect us.

-First, it was spread misinformation through the media and the Internet that it is external exam. But, in fact the Prime Minister made statement that it is state exam. Therefore, the same test can be taken multiple times by stimulating the student to learn more.

-Questions will be available and it will enable the students to prepare to answer them. Students which pass exams with paid diplomas without learning and relationships, even they will have to sit down and study in order to pass.


Experts agree: State exam is a necessity

It is necessary state to implement the intention for introducing state exam, evaluates Professor Bona Bajraktarova in the interview for Pult at Radio Slobodna Makedonija.

-It is necessary for the state to take care of quality of teaching staff arising from the educational process. For years, we talk, flake for certain weaknesses, failures, and now when undertaking measures appears resistance. I am confident that students will learn more and professors will be more committed to their work”, says Bajraktarova.

She sees politicization of protests and doubts the sincere intentions behind student actions. She expects students to seek higher quality rather than insist that no one touches their knowledge.

University Professor, Zhidas Daskalovski, emphasized that no reform aimed at improving education should not be stigma, a priori rejection of the proposed legislative measures with protests on the street, and not accepting the suggestions of stakeholders without appropriate arguments is wrong.

The photos prove: SDSM activists are behind student protests

That people from the opposition and Soros’ lever are involved in the manipulation of the students on the state exam show photos of the protests where can be seen by young activists of SDSM.


Besides opposition, instigator and strong supporter of these protests was Soros. Their supporters, which were present the street at every possible protest in the country, although not even present or future students protested in their name. Except for those for which was written these days, the pictures that are posted on social networks showed the presence of several people close to the SDSM and opposition officials.


Members of the “Students Plenum” are known to the public from the activities of the youth of SDSM. They are not concerned students, but young Social Democrats. It is Student plenum”. Among them is Boris Ilioski, which can be seen at the forefront of student protests.


Bojan Matovski is boy who is concerned about students protesting. But, he is already known from other protests. Matovski along with Gocev were organizers of AMAN protest for increase of prices for electricity.


Gordan Shutarov is Secretary RC SDMM-Karposh. Photographed with their idols from SDSM, it is clear from whom he is encouraged to protest for external testing, which is not planned nor will happen.


And these photos from the protest in Shtip are proof that the opposition tries through manipulations to bring students out on the street. At them can be seen Anastasia Koceva, which is the daughter of Zdravko Kocev, the former candidate for mayor for Shtip from SDSM.


Besides Anastasia Koceva at the protest of students in Shtip can be seen other officials and activists of SDSM,  Dennis Memishov- member of Shtip branch of SDSM and Marija Bojkovska- member of SDSM Lozovo.


At the protest in Prilep yesterday could be seen youth activists of SDSM.evg_thumb_medium500_338 (1)





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