UN: Macedonia should be example for other countries in the protection against domestic violence

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Macedonia received strong support for the new Law for prevention, suppression and protection from domestic violence from the United Nations.


Permanent Coordinator of the UN, Louisa Vinton, today was present at the public hearing and followed Minister Dime Spasov’s explanation about this Law emphasizing the intransigence with which Macedonia will lead this battle.

-We as the United Nations, see this law as a big step for Macedonia and example that other countries should follow. I want to highlight just few of the many positive measures that have been incorporated in the draft. First, the establishment of a multi-sector approach that is defining the responsibilities and competences of all relevant institutions. Second, strong protections for victims of domestic violence, including higher fines for those who will fail to obey the orders of the court for protection and the ability to remove the perpetrators of violence from the family home. Third, the series of measures aimed at preventing secondary victimization, including the right of victims to be accompanied by service support throughout the hospital, police, and court proceedings, and to raise court lawsuits against any professional worker, who will take action to provide assistance, as required by law, noted Winton.

What she pointed out as small note, is that in Macedonian law, the perpetrators of domestic violence are presented with gender-neutral approach and unambiguously in the world and in Macedonia, women are victims and men the perpetrators.

However, although their number is very small, it can happen, men to be victims of domestic violence, so in Macedonian law is stated that every perpetrator of such offense will face with most severe punishment.

Permanent Coordinator of the United Nations had no information on how often in the world children are victims of domestic violence.

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