Skopje residents wake up to dense fog and burning plastic smell (photo)

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Skopje residents woke up to dense fog spiced up with a distinct smell of burning plastic. The “My Air” application showed presence of 383 PM 10 particles per cubic meter in Karpos, 316 in Centar, 291 in Lisice, 261 in Gazi Baba and 395 PM 10 particles per cubic meter in Rectorat.

Karpos this morning Photo: Facebook

Karpos this morning Photo: Facebook

It seems like the winter in Skopje will take up to infinity in light of the “diligence” and the interest of the local and central government to implement measures against the air pollution. The citizens of Skopje will be poisoned every day and will pray for winds or rain so that they can breathe clean air.

But the mayor of the City of Skopje, Petre Shilegov, instead of concrete measures that will solve this problem, asked the citizens and the media not to make a show on this topic. The City of Skopje says they are working on a systematic solution to the problem and that we cannot expect spectacular results in the short term.

Centar this morning Photo: Facebook