Ten years since Tose Proeski’s passing

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Macedonia and the Balkans are remembering Tose Proeski, who tragically died in car crash near Nova Gradiska ten years ago at the age of 26.

A number of events will be held at the Tose Proeski Memorial House in Krusevo, whereas foundation “Tose Proeski” has announced that a new album by Tose in English would be released by the year-end.

Tose was born on 25 January 1981 in Macedonia. His first stage appearance was already in 1993, when he sang at a children’s festival. His successful career though started in 1996, when he took part in a teenage music festival. His first album was released in 1999 in Macedonian language, with his first single “Tvoite baknezi na moite beli kosuli” reaching number one in the charts.

Tose took part and won numerous festivals in Macedonia and the other former Yugoslav countries, and was considered a Balkan Superstar. He won the first ever edition of Beovizija in 2003, which later became Serbia’s national Eurovision contest, he won the very popular Radio Festival in Croatia, and he was also given the honour to represent his home country in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul.

During his career he released seven albums, all of which achieved great success throughout the Balkans. He also recorded an album in English before his death in 2007, but the album was released in 2009.