Recommendations for protection from freezing temperatures

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Citizens should refrain from going outside if not necessary, consume beverages and food that maintain the body temperature, avoid alcohol and dress appropriately, recommends the commission for implementation of the Action Plan for the population’s protection during freezing temperatures.

People are recommended to refrain from physical activities in the open, to wear warm clothes in several layers and proper shoes, and to use caution when walking.

Furthermore, people should be active in indoor facilities, check heating in the home and assist vulnerable family members, neighbors and friends.

The elderly are recommended to dress warmly, babies to be frequently checked if they are warm, heart patients to avoid strenuous efforts and regularly take medications.

Citizens can report homeless persons or street children at hotline 15 505.

Labor medicine services are obliged to provide information to employers and employees working at freezing temperatures over the existing risk. Employers are recommended to give these workers breaks in heated shelters.