Mother Teresa University in Skopje to be inaugurated in mid-October: minister

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The new Mother Theresa University in Skopje is expected to be inaugurated with the institution holding its first academic class in mid-October in temporary premises.

A Senate has been set up, which elected the former minister of education Aziz Polozani as acting rector of the Mother Teresa University. He will serve a six-month mandate, which could be expanded depending on his achievements during the tenure, Minister of Education and Science Pishar Lutfiu told a news conference on Friday.

170 people applied for teaching jobs with 45 people who have met the required conditions being hired at the moment. 39 more professors are expected to be employed.

MKD 80 million are provided from the budget for the new university. It includes five faculties, namely a faculty of social sciences, IT faculty, a faculty of technological sciences, a faculty of technical sciences and a faculty of construction engineering and architecture.

“Technical documents are being prepared in order to be awarded by the Central Register a certificate for legal entity next week. Afterwards, the Ministry should provide a work license. It is expected the university to hold its first academic class in two weeks’ time,” Lutfiu stated.

He said that 80 candidates had enrolled so far to study at the Mother Teresa University. Online enrolment is open until mid-October. The call for students envisages 1,220 candidates to start taking classes in all of the five faculties within the Mother Teresa University.

Under an agreement with the South East Europe University, the new university will temporary use its premises in Skopje. It is expected works for the construction of a new building for the university to start in 2017.