Three-day Wonder: Is SDSM Giving Up Parliamentary Inquiry Committee?

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The parliamentary Inquiry Committee that was formed with the purpose of probing the wiretapping affair, which was requested by SDSM and which is part of the Przino Agreement, appears to be no longer interesting, reads.


The opposition mentions it less and less. According to experts, it is obvious that the Committee has not attained the effect SDSM was counting on and that is why the party is not pushing for its activities.

Its last session was held on December 17, when the wiretapping affair Inquiry Committee did not allow the Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Stavreski to witness, because he chose to take the stand provided the media were not there present, which is permitted under the Rulebook.

Then, VMRO-DPMNE stressed that the aim and the concept of the Committee is put into question, i.e. it questioned whether the body’s establishment was envisaged as a political theater or in order to examine the facts.

The sole person to have testified in front of the Committee was Nikola Gruevski, who pointed he answered all the questions he had been asked, and said the authority’s members were lacking questions by the end of the interrogation. He decisively said then that after his testimony, the true Inquiry Committee will follow, i.e. the one of the people, on April 24.

The Committee’s President, SDSM member Petre Silegov, admitted on Thursday that the body did not fulfill its function and the purpose for which it was set up.

The coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE parliamentary group, Ilija Dimovski, accused Silegov of suspending the work of the Inquiry Committee on the wiretapping affair in order to exhibit one more reason to avoid the already agreed date for early general elections.

And while the Inquiry Committee that was expected to scrutinize the scandal involving the illegal interception of communications seems it will not resume its work, the Macedonian Assembly held the first session of the second Inquiry Committee on Thursday. The goal of this body is to examine the ” case, prompted by SDSM.