Worked and again stopped the SDSM factory for lies

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Milenko Nedelkovski never received any subsidies or concession. Such document does not exist. Technical interim Deputy Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski tries to explain the company Natural Food from Gradsko, which currently owns his cousin Milenko Nedelkovski as abuse of journalist Nedelkovski and VMRO DPMNE.


In truth, and unfortunately for SDSM factory for lies, the company does not belong to Milenko Nedelkovski. More importantly, Mitko Jovanov, one of the closest aides and advisors of Zoran Zaev established that company at the time of SDSM.

The company Natural Food Ltd. from Gradsko was founded on February 13 2006.


It belongs to Mitko Jovanov who is one of the closest advisers and collaborators of Zoran Zaev. Known for his pro-Zaev and pro-SDSM articles published in Soros portals and newspapers.

Manager of the company Natural Food Ltd. from Gradsko from 2006 to 2009 was the mother of Mitko – Vera Jovanova.


When the company was founded, was registered at the home address of Mitko’s parents, Vera and Atanasie Jovanovi. Street July 4 No. 62 in Gradsko. The house where he was born, he grew up and where was educated Mitko Jovanov adviser of Zoran Zaev. The company was founded in February 13 2006.

Mitko Jovanov in the period of self-operation in 2006managed, during the SDSM, with contract number 00917 from May 12 2006 to leases 250 hectares of pastures. That agreement was renewed in 2009 with contract number 1033 from March  10 2009 on smaller area of ​​190 hectares.

Due to the inability to manage it alone, as well as due to marital relations in Germany where he moved to live in 2009, Mitko Jovanov at the “Pazar 3” offers the company on sale, management or the option of working in partnership. Interest show several individuals and companies, but give up because of debts that the company has done. The interested party is the person Ratko Nedelkovski from Skopje.

At the beginning of the cooperation, persons Mitko Jovanov and Ratko Nedelkovski enter in partnership relations.


To this day Milenko Nedelkovski has no formal legal in common with the concessionaire company. Interim Deputy Minister cannot show any such document.

SDSM should answer whether the family of Milenko Nedelkovski is barred from working and earning? SDSM should answer whether the family of Milenko is barred to have small family company, which has the right for regular application for subsidies? And, if so, under what law it is?! Whether SDSM considers that only Zoran Zaev and parents of Gordan Georgiev are entitled to subsidies?

Apparent from the documents:

  1. The company, which is the subject of manipulation by interim deputy minister is established by the close associate and adviser of Zoran Zaev.
  2. The company received contracts for concession during SDSM period. According to the valid legal regulations that obviously Nikolovski do not know:
  3. The company regularly pays the fees for concessions.
  4. The company, under the agreement signed at the time SDSM has the right to keep from 1 to 744 goats on pasture that is under concession.
  5. Subsidies are obtained per head of cattle produced liters of milk sold cheese – not area of ​​pasture.
  6. In order to receive subsidies for cattle, each animal needs to be registered, vaccinated and blood control whether it is healthy.

With this company Natural Food, once broke teeth the SDSM MP from Veles Marjancho Nikolov asking to ‘tender for subsidies.” The public in Macedonia was assured what kind of person he was. Naw and Ljupco Nikolovski follow his path. In both cases, the adviser for inventing the affair was Lenche Nikoloska, who unsuccessfully hoped at the time of Velija Ramkovski to become agriculture minister. Lenche Nikolovska was born in the village of Dolno Chichevo in whose area is the pasture that is under concession for already 10th year by the company Natural Food.