Zaev and SDSM admitted that they lied to the public for the events in Kumanovo

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SDM leader Zoran Zaev finally admitted that he and his entire party manipulated the citizens of Macedonia after the action of the Ministry of Interior in Kumanovo Divo Naselje. Zaev and SDSM then claimed that the action is rigging done by the  Macedonian authorities although were killed 8 members of the security forces, writes Press 24.


The situation to be even more outrageous, SDSM spokesman, Petar Shilegov at the social networks was making jokes with the policemen who lost their lives there.


Defeated presidential candidate of SDSM went a step further and the foreign media has accused the authorities in Macedonia that they organized the incidents in Kumanovo. Pendarovski for the Bulgarian news agency BGNes said that the incident in Kumanovo is fabricated by the Government.

“The incident in Kumanovo is fabricated by the Government and more specifically the Macedonian party in the ruling coalition of Prime Minister – said Stevo Pendarovski a statement conveyed by Libertas.


While all of Macedonia grieved, Zaev went to Kumanovo and did photos.

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Several months later, Zaev at an event in Ljubljana organized by the “IFIMES” spoke about the events in Kumanovo on May 9 to 10, in which eight security personnel and 10 terrorists lost their life.

Zaev these tragic events compared with terrorist attacks in Paris.

-The accident in Kumanovo are also terrorist acts such as we saw in Paris. One of those people who got into the center of Kumanovo, are returnees from Syria, they have fought there, just as fought the people who have made terrorist attacks in Paris or who laid the bomb in the Russian plane.

This performance of Zaev only confirms the hypocrisy of the opposition party that before the public accuses authority figures for the events in Kumanovo when were killed 8 policemen, and when he goes abroad, says that the events in Divo Naselje are same as the ones in Paris. At the same time, at the surfaces comes the immorality of not only Zaev’s but the entire opposition, the lack of capacity reflected at the last IRI survey.


The people who gave support to Kosovo 113 brigade named Ismet Jashari were found at the rally organized by SDSM in May. Chants UCK, UCK, flags of Greater Albania and hugs with Zoran Zaev were part of the scene from the SDSM rally before the Government.

Support for 113 Brigade actually meant support for terrorists who were smashed in Kumanovo, because they are mostly members of this disbanded brigade. In addition, the photos with the brigade signs were shown proudly show by SDSM and Soros media.