“Republika”: Who is admonishing Zaev in Serbian?

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In what is involved in the SDSM leadership by engaging consultants from Serbia, which are linked to corruption scandals, but with propaganda in Kosovo that are happening massive protests and clashes between police and Serbs in Kosovo in which there are victims? While the country sank into political crisis, “Belgrade connection” created the strategy of SDSM, often with strong quarrels and cries in Serbian language and inability to require running smart policy, learns “Republika”. It is unknown how much and through which channels Zaev paid for advices, writes Republika.


We transfer in full the text of Republika:

Sources of the “Republika” reveal scandalous information about recruitment and the collection of advisers for SDSM from Serbia, as well as disadvantage role of Zoran Zaev in them. The outcome of these advices is known – the state is facing the biggest political crisis, with conditions, not only for the Government but also for businessmen, political opponents, and even in his own party ranks, with illegally acquired materials, some of them publicly presented, as condition for taking over the power. All this is known. Unknown so far, was who is advising Zaev and how. SDSM headquarters on street “Pavel Shatev” hides good part of the answer to that question.

Neighbors and journalist crews noted that before the headquarters of the party is often parked gray jeep with Belgrade license plates. “Republika” has learned that several months at regular timings, at least once in two weeks, three people with this car are coming at the headquarters of SDSM on meeting with management. They were “Belgrade connection” that offered assistance to SDSM and Zaev in public relations and assisted in the creation of strategic action. In the logistics were three key people: Ivan Bender, Miljan Shchekich and another famous entertainer manager.

“Sellers of expensive fog” advisers of SDSM

Miljan Shchekich and Ivan Bedner in 2009 opened the agency “Ruskin and Hunt”, gency for strategic planning and activities for public relations. Both, have rich “portfolio.” Bender was adviser to the OSCE in Serbia and Montenegro, and previously from 2000 to 2002 was Chief of Cabinet of the Vice President of the Serbian government. Shchekich, however, from 2005 to 2011 is the owner of the famous agency “Arts & Crafts”, which Serbian media tied in corruption scandal for extracting money for campaigns.

“Arts & Crafts” agency fades in 2011, when the Serbian Council for Combating Corruption case opened the affair because of the familiar payment of millions to private marketing agencies close to the names of the then Government officials and foreign nationals. Practically laundered embezzled money from state coffers. According to the Serbian Anti-Corruption Council, only three of the 22 ministries have not used dubious agencies. One of them, according to the text “Sellers of expensive fog” is exactly “Arts & Crafts” Shchekich, is close to the leadership of the Democratic Party.

Agency of Shchekich worked for the Serbian Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija, when in brief period pulled out 7.8 million dinars. The activity of Shchekich in Kosovo resembles to the methods of Zaev taken few months ago.


The similarity of Shchekich action in Kosovo and Zaev in Macedonia

Namely, in the period when the “Arts & Crafts” took the propaganda in Kosovo occurring after mass protests while after the clashes between the police and the Serb minority in Kosovo. In that period, according to reports in Serbian media “Arts & Crafts” organized strategic communication of Kosovo with posters and billboards. It is indicative that then at Serbo-Kosovar border occur incidents and collisions.

On July 25, 2011 by the Kosovo police tried to establish, several border checkpoints in the Serb-controlled northern Kosovo. Although KFOR intervened, followed days of clashes and casualties. In the blast thrown a grenade killed member of the Kosovo special police, five people were injured in attempt to take control of the checkpoints. Fighting continued over next two days, when armed police in Kosovo took two border crossings. Serbs burned the border crossing at Jarinje and thousands of masked men armed with guns, axes, Molotov cocktails and other did the barricades. It was reported that they attacked the NATO troops who were part of KFOR operations. Followed news for beaten man in the ethnically mixed region of Strpce, allegedly only because it is a Serb. In Kosovo were burned Serbian products. Violence and tensions continued until reaching the Serbian-Kosovo agreement on 1 August.

This year in Macedonia, meanwhile, Zaev conducted violent protests and wanted to breaking into Government building in Skopje. Hitting bullies and try to break through the police cordon with rocks and cold weapons, dozen policemen were injured. It happened Kumanovo police action in which were killed eight policemen and dozens were wounded. Zaev two days later visited Kumanovo Proud, took photos with the people present there. None of the party leadership, however, did not visit the police officers who participated in the action. The protest organized before the Government appeared and people waved flags of Greater Albania. They wore symbols of Kosovo 133. Brigade, whose members stormed the Kumanovo and are directly responsible for the murder of the Macedonian defenders.


Cries in Serbian language before SDSM camp for unfit leadership

Near the headquarters of the SDSM on “Pavel Shatev” as our sources confirm, periodically we heard the high-pitched calls from party headquarters. They talk in several occasions and ended with loud quarrels and cries in Serbian language directing “incompetence” and that it was necessary to “run the intelligent policy.” According to the findings, Zaev was reprimanded and not to come forth with statements too often, especially as politician behind, which are reappear string affairs, especially corruption scandals, which is serious drawback and cargo that must be covered.

They were reprimanded for creating too high expectations that cannot meet, and that they must work on creating euphoria and the creation of protests supported by the party, which, in turn, will be “sold” as form of citizen discontent. That “selling of dissatisfaction” Macedonia seems to pay with the attempt for complete degradation of state institutions – parliament, judiciary, health, education. In creating atmosphere of constant euphoria and pressure to abuse citizens. There are numerous examples of such abuse and what it causes euphoria. It recently was pointed by the judges, and must be seized and abuse of the armed attack at the Clinical Centre in Skopje.

However, all this, Zaev obediently agreed, and discomfort from his submissive behavior was felt by the other members of SDSM who witnessed such events.

These advisers, according to our sources, had role in his visit to Israel, which incidentally proved to be failure after Zaev lied about the topics of conversation with people he met. As reminder, he said that they have discussed the “bombs” and met with people from the Mossad that was immediately denied by Israeli government officials.

Such views expressed by Zaev do not go in favor of the agency, especially since it, according to Serbian media is in close relationship with famous Israeli “Maher” for public relations, which is known in Serbia after winning campaign of SNS and after promotional campaigns of former President of the country, Boris Tadich.

Agency for public relations in its portfolio of Internet says that they manage tp impose partisan views in the media during the campaign. It is however, obvious that the majority of Serbian media recently spread the lies and manipulations of events taking place in Macedonia, which coincide with the strategy of SDSM for devaluing state institutions and the system as a whole. Some of them were taken and quoted by media close to the SDSM, referring to the course of action in Kumanovo, then about the security situation in the country, violent protests outside government in Skopje, the migrant crisis etc.


Whether New Hope is happening to SDSM

“Hope” is the name of the strategy for which SDSM paid 340,000 euro public money, which instead of electoral program, the party should by pressure and force take over the power. One half of the platform is consist of direct or indirect abuse of media. According affair “Hope 1”, the Cabinet of then-President Branko Crvenkovski in the summer of 2007 we hired Slovenian Dejan Verchikj, Diana Gutesha and Pegja  Ashanin Gole, the first two are from the Slovenian Agency for Public Relations “Pristop” for strategic advice and consulting services. The price was 340,000 euro for two years advising.

It is unknown how much money Zaev paid for advices. Serbian media on the eve of elections analyzed that agencies, including “Arts & Crafts” are financed by “black money”. One of the people who points out how much his advice costs, Kreshimir Macan, former advisor on public relations in SDSM said that the smallest amount of campaign is at least two million euro. The actual sources and flows of money quotes Macan for Serbian “NIN”, hide from the public eye, and that some of the “hidden advisers on public relations” are not just playing for money, but for future positions and projects.

The question is where from SDSM pays the agency for public relations, whose advisers come to the headquarters on “Pavel Shatev.” If they go legal, payment must be made through Macedonian banks and it can be recorded, which would eventually showed how much it cost them. If still does not appear in the financial statement that the party paid for services to the agency, then the question is what are the used channels and what are black money paid for advice, or whether the agency is “providing free future services” for SDSM?