Spasovski is lying same as Zaev: The Minister of Internal Affairs had to be expert, and he as SDSM Secretary General became Minister

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Instead expert and representative from the profession as Minister of the Interior Affairs is appointed SDSM Secretary General Oliver Spasovski.


His appointment to this function is the opposite of what Spasoviski himself has stated just few days ago. He said according to given statements, he believes that the new Minister of Interior should be independent person and representative from the profession.

-Minister of Interior should be expert, person representative of the profession and the one that will have the trust of the political parties, that is what we have agreed on and there is no doubt about this matter, said Spasovski during the tour in program only four days ago.

-No harmonized Law on government because once again they show fear of the independent Minister of Interior Affairs and appointing of additional Deputy Ministers and Minister for Labor and social affairs, said Spasovski in front of the party headquarters on  October29.

After his appointment yesterday, it seems that Spasovski wanted to mislead public with false statements following the example of his leader Zoran Zaev. Upon completion of negotiations, Zaev noted that Spasovski is the new Minister of Internal Affairs.

-I asked for consent from VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, we got the consent, and the new Minister of Interior Affairs will be Oliver Spasovski, SDSM Secretary General, said Zaev.

Spasovski former Secretary of Kumanovo and all involved in obscure tenders in the municipality, accused many times before from the ruling party.

For years, the same Oliver Spasovski appeared behind Zoran Damjanovski Cic and participated in destruction of Kumanovo where SDSM behind did not leave single project. As SDSM Secretary General Spasovski is also one of the creators of the script to create alibi for electoral defeat and rejection of the election results.