Government through projects provides shelter for thousands of people

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The government implemented projects worth over 60 million euro to help solve the housing problems of thousands of citizens of different target groups, according to the data from the Ministries of finance, transport and communications and defense.


Recently the Ministry of Defense presented the project “ARM – My True Home”, which is designed for members of ARM to address the housing problem in more favorable conditions. Since 2009 is implemented “Project for Housing of Vulnerable Groups,” which provides home for disadvantaged individuals and other categories of citizens, while from 2012 started project “Buy a house, buy an apartment,” through which the Government supports the middle class for buying home through subsidies for housing loans.

“The project for housing of socially vulnerable categories” provides for construction of 32 buildings with 1754 apartments for disadvantaged individuals and other vulnerable groups with total area of ​​72643.70 m2. These objects the State Agency for the construction and management of residential and commercial properties is obliged to fulfill by the end of 2018. So far, social buildings were constructed in Skopje, Gorche Petrov, Shuto Orizari and Saraj, Resen, Demir Hisar, Ohrid, Prilep, Kichevo, Makedonska Kamenica, Kochani, Berovo, Kriva Palanka, Shtip and Kavadarci. There is ongoing construction of buildings in Makedonsi Brod, Gostivar and Kochani, and is planned to be built in Gevgelija, Vinica, Kumanovo, Sveti Nikole, Probishtip, Negotino, Strumica, Tetovo, Debar and Veles. The total project is estimated to be worth 50 million and 700 thousand euro.

Through the project “Buy house, buy apartment” the Government helps citizens who do not have sufficient, own funds to purchase home so that subsidize or part of the interest or part of the monthly installment of the housing loan. Subsidies for apartments are 50 percents of the monthly installment of the loan or participation, while for house is 75 percents of the monthly installment or participation. The subsidy per user can reach up to 14,000 euro depending on the model chosen by the subsidy and the amount of the home loan. The project is intended for the middle class, so that one of the conditions for applying for is monthly income limit for the applicant. According to the Ministry of Finance, the project so far has been used by about 700 families and were granted subsidies amounting to 4.3 million euro. The project will continue next year, so that in the draft budget for 2016 are provided 110 million for it.

It begins the project “ARM – My True Home”. In late December or mid-January will begin construction of the first building designed for housing the ARM. The building will have 36 apartments, but is provided, in accordance with the interest to build new housing, probably with over 500 flats. Defense Ministry will cover the cost of land, utilities and project, and tender for selection of the best bidder for the construction of the building and runs parallel announcement of home purchase. Ministry of Defense through the project will subsidize the interest for the home loan that would take the Army members with 80 percents of the loan principal.