SDSM same as in 2004, sold the country for their own interests

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SDSM “sold” Diaspora introducing Badinter within the State Election Commission (SEC) as well as the territorial division in 2004, experts comment that SDSM bargain for their interests at the expense of the state in negotiations on the Electoral Code.


Macedonia’s main opposition party with anti-statist behavior and gives priority to their personal interests at the expense of the state and the interests of all citizens gave up their demand for active registration in order to receive support from the Albanian parties. They bargain with DUI and supported to decide by Badinter in the SEC, which will be the most important ethnic politics, not facts, and DUI supported SDSM Diaspora not to have own MPs.

Cancellation of SDSM from Diaspora and the introduction of Badinter within SEC is the same as betrayal to the territorial distribution of 2004, say the experts, when it was inflicted lasting damage to the country and its interests. Then, the majority of SDSM and DUI adopted the new Law on territorial division.

With that, they reorganized municipalities in Macedonia and enable, Struga, Kichevo, Chair and several municipalities in Macedonia to become predominantly Albanian. It was great dissatisfaction of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE. They even organized Referendum, but SDSM in collaboration with many external factors failed to provide it under “Some questions do not deserve answer.”

With Badinter at the SEC will be decided according to ethnic interests

Local observers comment that the practical introduction of the Badinter principle that SDSM support would mean that in the complaint in the municipality where there are more than 20 percent Albanians would be decided not by arguments, facts and evidence, but by ethno-political logic, which is permanent violation of the principles of equity.

That in the situation of election irregularity would mean that no matter the violation of rules and procedures, but Albanians would decide that if agree could only make decisions that are in their favor. It is known that when it comes to Albanian interests they are very united and DUI and DPA cooperate.

At the same time, the proposal is to enter three experts from the SEC and one Albanian, which would enhance their impact. Therefore, it can happen though predominantly Macedonian municipality as Butel, Petrovac and the like, if there is complaint for the Macedonian-polling place as Radishani or village Petrovac will decide SEC by Badinter principle and will make decisions according to ethnic interests, not legal force.

With the introduction to decide following Badinter principle it would means that in the future in this manner would be decided for any irregularity at the polling station in Struga, Kichevo, Kumanovo, Plasnica, Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar, Chair, Butel, Petrovac, Studenicani etc.

Frckovski actualizes the idea of ​​Albanian for Prime Minister

SDSM is ready to  withdrawals towards the Albanian factor at the expense of national interests is the aloud thinking for SDSM staff Frchkoski, which again precisely in moments of negotiation offered Albanian for Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.

This idea Frchkoski believes that it should be actual right now at this sensitive moment for Macedonia when parties negotiate for the electoral system and other topical political issues.

– The concept to be compiled from larger government coalition and to have rotating Prime Minister. What means rotating Prime Minister? That means an Albanian would be elected cyclically as Prime Minister for two years, said Frchkoski.


According to experts, actualizing of this topic by Frchkoski is not accidental, but is aimed at creating tensions and opening topics of ethnic issues corpus aimed to block negotiations and thus prevent the holding of early elections in April.

SDSM opens opportunity to spread the Badinter

Experts add the fact that SDSM proposes this proposal makes bad precedent in the future given permission to discuss the decision with the Constitutional Court with Badinter, decisions of Government, carrying the budget, prosecution, which would mean overcoming existing frameworks and new Framework Agreement.

Cancellation of SDSM from Diaspora means letting the immigrants through the river. As is known, the Macedonian Diaspora numbering in the hundreds of thousands is left without the right to their representatives in the legislature. The only reason for this is the weakness of the SDSM, their lack of capacity to work with it, but also to provide support. If the situation was reversed, it is more than certain that the SDSM would not even raise the issue.

At the same time, it would be rare case where due to narrow political interests SDSM lost once given right. SDSM does not lead principled policy and makes plain marketing showed their refusal of active registration of voters. This means that fall in water allegations that 150 thousand phantom voters, that lists were crowded with imaginary voices, surfaces that out of it the opposition only did marketing. Basically, aimed at no right for Diaspora to vote, they did great bargain with DUI and immediately gave up the active registration.

To avoid suffering political damage and to justify to the public, they offer on-site audit of the list at random, which by no means is solution substitute for active registration i.e. it means that SDSM once again showing its true intentions. SDSM gave up and turns back to the Diaspora, asked and now relinquish active voter registration and further supports DUI for Badinter at SEC, all with the sole aim to reduce the certain electoral defeat, which once again shows fear of SDSM from the election.

One of the big fists of SDSM Branko Geroski wrote in article that ratings of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski raised. He writes that President of the Government increased its rating for 3 percents. This means that the opposition block and SDSM are aware of the enormous support people give to Gruevski and VMRO-DPMNE, whose rating is higher than in the period before the bombs, despite low ratings of SDSM and Zaev is reason plus for SDSM to be afraid of elections.