Maximum support from the Government to repair flood damage

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Ten days after the floods in Tetovo, rehabilitation of damages takes place as promised. Activities run intensively and they include the entire state team, said Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski after visiting Shipkovica.


Gruevski, who was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski and Ministers of Defense and Transport and Communications, Zoran Jolevski and Vlado Misajlovski spoke with residents of the village, and visited the local Crisis Staff Unit.

– We will work maximally to completely remove the damages. You can count on our full support. What we have promised last days we are delivering. Immediately, the first day after the floods were provided condition to electricity power and there was sufficient quantity of water, added the Prime Minister, after he asked the residents whether and how much they are satisfied with the institutions.

Gruevski also informed about yesterday’s Government decision that provides initial assistance from 30.000 MKD for families whose buildings were damaged for paying the rent and 160,000 liters of oil for the necessary machinery for rehabilitation of the damages.

Help, as the Prime Minister added, is provided for farmers which by August 26 should report damages.

According to Peshevski in Shipkovica there will be further transferred the necessary construction materials and will be cleaned the school, it will be fully disinfected and  be prepared for the upcoming school year.

Minister Jolevski said that the Army is constantly in the field and has its own teams of 10 people who are replaced in shifts twice a day. Except Shipkovica, we are acting in Poroj and in Rechica.

The Government team led by Prime Minister Gruevski informed the residents of Shipkovica that will prepare special project to establish the reasons that caused huge damages on the ground that will be accessed to completely solve the problem.

– Professor Sonja Lepitkova with roup of experts and with local residents was directly on the site, which now is considered the cause of damages. Originally, it was estimated to be mine the rock, which is considered to be threat, but it will be specifically analyzed and prepared as project, upon which we will act, said Gruevski.

Expressing gratitude for the support to all institutions involved in the rehabilitation of the flood damage, residents of Shipkovica said that roads are generally cleared and water and electricity supply have been provided since the first day after the floods. However, warned that, as the Prime Minister said, it must be determined the exact cause of the flooding.

– Failure to assess exactly point where the problem arose, the situation could be much worse considering that the winter is coming and rains are yet to come, said President of the local community of Shipkovica, Zeqiria Qazimi.

Residents of the village said, they have prepared request to solve this problem, which, as Qazimi indicated measures must be urgently taken.

At the meeting with the Local Crisis Staff Unit, Laurat Ismaili directly expressed his personal gratitude to the Prime Minister Gruevski for the fact that the institutions and their timely action saved his life from the floods.

The Government team led by Gruevski, after Shipkovica left for Mala Rechica, after which it is scheduled to put into operation three local roads as well as visit to Veze Shari capacity.