Investment worth 1 million euro in Prilep, realized the promises the Government made to the citizens

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Reconstructed road, inaugurated water treatment plant and commencement of construction of new sports hall are the three projects in Prilep worth 1 million euro realized by the Government as promise to the citizens.



-We put in use the road Mramorani-Dupjachani investment of 22 million, which means lot to the population. In Sekirci, we opened the new sewer treatment plant, project worth 13 million euro and in Krivogashtani started new project, construction of sports hall worth 24 million MKD. Overall, around one million euro investment in these settlements. This is important for people and as our promises were given there. What we have promised, now we deliver, said today Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at the visit to Prilep region.


At the ES “Manchu Matak” in Krivogashtani today began construction of new sports hall built on area of ​​650 square meters and will be equipped with modern sports equipment, separate rooms for teachers of sports and sports activities and will be trained to use for many types of sport.

– This hall is part of larger project of the Government for the construction of 145 school gyms throughout the territory of Macedonia. Within this project so far were built 47 sports halls in which were invested about 23 million euro and are improved conditions for sports and recreation for about 40,000 students in Macedonia, said Gruevski after laying the foundation stone.


In the village Sekirci was launched the wastewater treatment plant and sewerage system in the length of three kilometers, project which he said means greater urbanization of the village, leaving the pits, greater protection of groundwater and higher quality of life for local people.



During the visit in Prilep, the Prime Minister opened the reconstructed and local road from Dupjachani to Mramorani in length of five kilometers, road that is one of most frequent in Municipality Dolneni.


– Exactly through this road communicate number of residents Dupjachani, Zabrchani, Mramorani, Nebregovo, Drenovci, Desovo, Senokos and surrounding settlements. Also this road is one of the most used to enter in Prilep and that great use was apparent cause of major damage in the past, said the Prime Minister Gruevski.


The Prime Minister emphasized that the Government projects continue to be implemented with great dynamism and great pace and announced that the next period will follow the implementation of further projects.