Government with series of projects for young people – measures produce results

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Government measures for young people are giving results. Prime Minister and VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski in his address at the annual conference of the Youth Union of the party listed series of projects in which the government takes care of the youth and stressed they had done a lot.


-Together we have done a lot for Macedonia, and especially for young people in Macedonia. We succeeded in the effort to abolish the visa liberalization, and today every young person can easily move around Europe without visa restrictions. We brought low-cost airlines with which thousands of young people for 20-30 euro can travel to the most attractive destinations throughout Europe and beyond. Young couples who are planning three or more children in the family already from 2008 receive serious state financial support, and the first results of that, though small in volume are already arriving. This year, after long downward trend, when the school began to go the ones who were born when the government adopted this measure and policies, at first classes are enrolled 1.116 more children than the last school year. It is restored hope when we talk about the Macedonian demographics, though we have difficult road ahead us  in this field, bearing in mind that are coming generations with lower fertile base, said Gruevski.

The Prime Minister said that the government’s new measure to stimulate employment called Macedonia employs, set aside separate category for five years is which the employer will not pay contributions with the obligation to keep them for one another year, i.e. the unemployed fromfamilies with three or more children, so these people, these families will become more attractive to future employers.

-We gave opportunity for longer unpaid maternity leave of three months, which can be used up to the age of the child for three years, until the mother is health insured and this year we introduced longer maternity leave for mothers who give birth to two, three or more children at the same time, and for them the maternity leave is increased to 15 months, said Gruevski.

Gruevski added that several measures have been provided for students.

-We put order in the dormitories, and precise criteria for admission, with huge fines for leadership if it is breach. We have invested 42 million euro and we have built 70 new schools, and more than 350 are thoroughly reconstructed. We built over 80 new sports halls, 50 playgrounds for big football, build 120 tennis courts out of which about half have been completed and we built 100 multifunctional playgrounds, out of which over half are completed. We provided construction of large sports hall for large gatherings i.e. Boris Trajkovski, Jane Sandanski, and National Arena Filip II Macedonian. We have built and we are building apartments for young couples at preferential prices. We have implement project that on certain days young people have free access to cultural institutions and public transport by train and urban bus. We provided decline in excise and customs duties, and thousands of young people manage to buy cars, said Gruevski.

Through the project “Macedonia employs” in less than two months were employed 2,600 people.

– We the last project, Macedonia employs, young are covered in separate group up to 35 years, for whose employment, the employer not only period of 3 years will not pay any benefits, but will not pay personal income tax, but then has the obligation to keep them at least one year. The this measure is preceded by similar one, a year earlier, through which almost 9,000 young people up to 29 years in just one year were employed. With the new measure up to 35 years together with the old one, up to age of 29 years in less than 2 months were employed 1,700 young people half with old measure up to age of 29 years which is still active, and about half with the new measure up to age of 35 years, which is part of the great project Macedonia employs. Over 140 thousand new jobs in Macedonia were opened in the last 8 years, dais Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at the Annual Conference of the UMS of VMRO-DPMNE.