Nuland: To find solution that will provide Macedonia possibility to join NATO and the EU

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US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, responsible for Europe, said that resolving the dispute would be good for Greece.


Talking about problems in trans-Atlantic relations, Nuland said the United States will cooperate with new Greek government led by ultra-left coalition Syriza, but added that the dispute goes on too long and must urgently find solution and Macedonia to become NATO and the European Union memeber, reports MIA.

– We hope we can go back to the discussion with the Greek government and try to resolve the long-standing dispute over Macedonia, which is impossible to be admitted into the EU and NATO. We continue to hope that it will come to good solution, because this gap in membership is not only in the interest of stability in Macedonia and the Balkans, but in the interest of Greece itself. We hope they will have discussion, Nuland said in her speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington conveyed Macedonian Radio-Television.

The stability in the Balkans depends on the continuation of the open door policy of NATO and the EU, Nuland said in the address at which dominated the crisis in Ukraine. Nuland announced concrete measures to help the Balkans to reduce dependence on Russian gas supplied via Ukraine. Therefore, Nuland said the US support the building of inter-docking connection between Bulgaria and Greece, Bulgaria could be supplied with gas imported via Athens plant intake of LNG tankers, and plans to build another such plant at the Croatian island of Krk.

In addressing the Balkan open questions, Nuland also called 2015 year to be year of progress in seeking solution to the status of Cyprus.

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