Nuland’s messages that should be understood

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A day after the visit of U.S. Deputy Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, Victoria Nuland, remained three clear messages concerning the Macedonian political relevance, writes Republika.


High Representative here in Skopje, conveyed greetings from Washington for new term of the Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

-We had frank and open conversation with the Prime Minister in the new term as Prime Minister, designated Nuland, which clearly expressed attitude of Washington towards the internal political situation in the country artificially created by the opposition. Support received the ruling VMRO-DPMNE through expressed satisfaction over the reform program.

– I was pleased to hear that the reform plan, pointed Nuland, which confirmed that U.S. believes that the VMRO-DPMNE program is the right direction for Republic of Macedonia.

The second public appearance during visit of theU.S. Deputy Secretary of State is the lack of discussions about the political behavior of the Macedonian opposition. Even after question from journalist close to the party leadership, which has already been commented as order directly from SDSM Nuland did not address that part, citing her opening statement that everyone should work for the prosperity of the state.

– As I said, we talked about the need for political harmony, interethnic harmony prosperity, in short pointed Nuland.

From here comes the biggest hit from the international community of the policy for creating crisis imposed by SDSM. Washington talks with Gruevski, but not with the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. As never before, the visit of senior U.S. or the EU, this time was absent meeting of the senior U.S. official responsible for Europe and Eurasia with the president, or with any other member of management of the SDSM.

Therefore, it is indicating not only lack of support in their efforts to create crisis or destruction of the reputation of the state through the denial of the electoral process as whole and the highest democratic institution, the Parliament. That step of Victoria Nuland with complete denial of SDSM in general, and the situation that SDSM is trying to show before the international community clearly indicates completely wrong policies of SDSM. U.S. open stands behind policies that bring prosperity to the state, not behind policies that mean nothing but harm for their own country at the expense of personal gain.

Of course, in this context must not forget the biography of Victoria Nuland. She even at the beginning of her speech the media, remind that she is familiar with the situation in Macedonia, where she stayed from 2005 to 2008. After all this, it is clear that the SDSM plan is too transparent for and Nuland and the U.S. as are for the vast majority of the Macedonian public. It is up SDSM, i.e. voted MPs whether they will continue the suicidal path set out by the party leadership, or will dominate the awareness for work and for the party and even more, as repeatedly pointed Nuland, the prosperity of the Republic of Macedonia, the writes Republika.

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