Laura Tak: Macedonia among the top reformers

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Some countries in the region have worked hard to create climate for investment, aiming to liberate the potential of the private sector. Macedonia is one of the top reformers in the removal of administrative barriers to doing business, said the vice president of the World Bank Laura Tak today at the Vienna conference on the Western Balkans.

– Last year, Macedonia was among the top twenty -five countries before many world EU member states according to the global index for ease of doing business. Private investments are increased as result of the reforms and it can be seen the net gains in increased recruitment of qualified staff, said Tak before the numerous participants at the conference, which was attended by Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki.

Minister Poposki for MIA indicated that it was significant fact that on this conference on the Western Balkans participated representatives from several international financial institutions.

– In this context, the World Bank highlighted us for the best performing country in terms of reforms that have enabled us in number of benchmarks to find and to rank better than many member states, emphasized Poposki.

At the conference attended by Commissioner Stefan Fule, the ministers discussed about enhancing cooperation in the framework of the Stabilization and Association Agreement taking into account the similar challenges and goals in the context of their particular paths of EU accession.

– The main focus of the conference was the Austrian support for the intensification of the process of integration of all countries of the Western Balkans. For us it is very important the fact that Austria is unequivocally committed to negotiations with Macedonia integration in EU and consider the imposed dispute should not be an obstacle this time, said Poposki.

The conference, as he noted, was focused on the potential for economic growth in the next period.

– It is obvious that the results of the European elections have significant impact on the general climate where expansion is not very attractive subject, but in the coming period will be very important to help the economic development of all countries in the region. This is important because Austria is the second largest investor in the country and is supporter of number key infrastructure projects, said Foreign Minister in statement to MIA.

Minister Poposki this afternoon in Vienna will also participate in the meeting of foreign ministers of member countries of the Central European Initiative under the Austrian presidency.

– Macedonia next year will take over the chairmanship of CEI. We will work on priorities together with the Austrian presidency and there will be more projects to be implemented over the next year, announced Minister Poposki.

At the conference, Poposki welcomed the strong commitment of this year’s Austrian presidency to promote economic and energy cooperation in the region CEI. He particularly emphasized the importance of regional cooperation, particularly in overcoming the economic risks and the development of this part of Europe. Poposki said such complex issues such as energy security and efficiency, use of sustainable energy sources require setting close to scientific, technical, administrative and development cooperation such as is seen in the EU and can also exist between the countries aimed at EU.

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