MoIA with video evidence: hooligans came to set fire, break and to stone

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Ministry of Internal Affairs released new footage of the day before yesterday’s violent protests, which show demonstrators acting organized with the intention to cause riots and incidents.

– The Ministry of Internal Affairs complained that SDSM did not apologize and did not express remorse for the attacks on state institutions and decided shameless to continue to support the crowd and hooligans who came in Gjorce Petrov to light, break and to stone, instead of peacefully expressing their revolt. We do not know whether to feel some responsibility towards the hooligans, but it can not and must not be bigger than the responsibility they have to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and state institutions, says in a statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

MoIA say they hope to discern the error and that is why they delivered additional video materials.

– We believe that by watching these video materials, they will recognize that their support is in the wrong direction and that their performances contribute to inflaming passions and further motivating the thugs. MoIA expects all political parties to contribute to ease tensions and to pay tribute to law enforcement authorities for effective case for the investigation, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The video is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Thanks to the supplied footage and evidence materials, as well as identification, the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the incidents of yesterday’s protests in Gjorce Petrov and in collusion with the public prosecutor, filed criminal charges against five people from Skopje.

The suspects during the day will be brought before the competent public prosecutor.

One Response to “MoIA with video evidence: hooligans came to set fire, break and to stone”

  1. GoTavelBroad says:

    TFOuttahere. Nice try. The people of Macedonia are too smart for that. This is an American Media tool that only works on the uneducated, elites or unconcerned. A few well placed actors (Yes, actors) in a crowd of individuals intent only on civil disobedience, can escalate peaceful protests with the benefit of value added oppressive video to prove it.

    In Hollywood, we hold screen tests and auditions for protest agitators. I congratulate the iProtestors and support the real macedonian citizen who continues to stand up for the ideals expressed on all those beautiful brass plaques around the city with Mother Theresa’s face on them. Would’nt a better use of your journalistic integrity be a financial audit of the cost of those plaques, vs. The cost of educating a citizen through college? I’d like to read about that.

    There is a wind of collective freedom blowing around the world, and I understand why you would try to ‘spin’ reality, based on what works in the US, but perhaps you might check the temperature of how that is working out for America come election time, this November. Stay Woke Macedonia. #collectivefreedom

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