PHOTO: Macedonian buses in Disneyland and Google

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“Made in Macedonia” buses ride at Disneyland in California, Disney World in Florida, on the campus of Google, as well as regular bus lines in Chicago and Detroit. These are the first 100 buses exported from Van Hool factory in Macedonia, writes.

Belgian producer has a strong presence in the U.S. market and will continue to export there, and by the end of the year will start to export to Europe.

– It is important that we have Macedonian products branding, which became recognizable in international markets and despite having important economic function, it is significant for popularization and promotion of the country, says government spokesman Aleksandar Gjorgjiev.

The Van Hool investment revives the tradition of the bus industry in Macedonia, and it is opening jobs and engaging domestic companies as suppliers.

– The plant represents an investment of € 25 million and currently employs 430 of our fellow citizens, a number which is expected to reach 600 in the coming period. The factory is already working actively. Around 100 buses are produced and exported to the United States. A total of 140 buses are produced, and 70 are in a production phase, Gruevski said at the official opening of the facility.

– We started the production and we have already exported 140 vehicles, hired 430 employees, and signed subcontracting with more companies. This is only the beginning given that the production of a new vehicle for the European market will begin in the last quarter of this year and will bring 140 new jobs, Philip Van Hool highlighted.

Van Hool is second largest Greenfield plant in Macedonia and is the company’s first investment outside the home country, Belgium.

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