PHOTO: Red card instead of 3000 denars penalty for reckless pedestrians

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Green leaflet for conscientious and a red card for a reckless pedestrians. Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska today marked the beginning of the campaign which aims to increase the awareness of pedestrians and their role in the traffic.

The statistics show that about 40 people a year lose their lives in traffic accidents as pedestrians, and even 200 car accidents are caused by reckless pedestrians.

– It is evident that almost a fifth of traffic fatalities last year were pedestrians and together with motorcyclists and cyclists, pedestrians make half of the casualties. That’s we decided to implement a preventive action during the pedestrian week, which will last 1-7 April. We will give red or green leaflets instead of the usual fine of 3,000 denars to pedestrians who are improperly crossing the road, Jankuloska said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs Action is conducted together with the Republic Council on Road Traffic Safety and Gjorce Petrov Municipality.

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