Ministry of Internal Affairs will cooperate with the Italian Foundation “Falcone”

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Minister of Internal Affairs Gordana Jankulovska and president of NGO Foundation “Falcone” Maria Falcone today signed an agreement for cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Foundation “Falcone”.

MIA and Foundation “Falcone” will cooperate in the research and training of professional staff and will exchange experiences and practices.

– We have started collaboration dedicated to extremely serious topic, the challenges in the fight against organized and transnational crime, as one of the greatest global threats of today, Jankuloska said.

The president of the foundation, Maria Falcone considers the signing of the agreement to be important primarily because it will bring the ideas of Giovanni Falcone in Macedonia, who was convinced that the Italian Mafia is not just in Italy, but international and this is why the struggle should take place internationally.

– Giovanni claimed that the Mafia can only be defeated with police action. We need to properly educate young people who are the future of the world, Maria Falcone said.

Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jankuloska said, has already implemented new methodologies that are based on the collection of criminal intelligence on organized crime through the criminal intelligence process, and then implement proactive and reactive criminal investigations, law-based application of special investigative measures and other tools to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of work.

Realization of the project within the Ministry of Internal Affairs is ongoing, in order to create a national intelligence database, and among other things, to achieve a standardized way of collecting and sharing information and data in the interest of individual investigations.

Jankuloska mentioned that the Macedonian Ministry of Internal Affairs participated in the implementation of 13 international and regional investigations into organized crime, where 9 criminal groups engaged in drug trafficking are caught, and one of forgery and documents, mainly passports. From 2010 onwards, MIA along with police services in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have suppressed 8 criminal groups in the territories of these countries, and arrested a total of 188 persons and seized substantial quantities of drugs.

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