Sashe Politiko blames: Much of Soros’ money end up in Geroski’s hands

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The editor of the portal Maktel, Sashe Ivanovski – Politiko, blames that because of the closeness of Branko Geroski with Vladimir Milchin, much of the financial support of the Soros Foundation ends in the hands of the editor of the “Sloboden Pechat”.

Quarrels and accusations between journalistic villains of SDSM in relation to who is better at working out for the better interest of the main opposition party started even before the campaign.

One of the most distinguished media everlasting of SDSM asks Geroski and Milchin whether they are aware what they speak out, because as he says, they were “intergalactic blockheas for political marketing.”

Ivanovski added that unlike Plusinfo who had received amazing 50,000 euro from Soros, his Maktel received only 2,500 euro. He believes that money can be used more efficiently.

– The money could be used much better and more efficiently. Impact of Maktel who received only 2500 is almost the same as the impact of Plusinfo who got incredible 50 000 from Soros. It is 20 times more! Writes Ivanovski and adds that Milchin “along with his hound Gero have imagined that SDSM should come to power without a marketing approach and strategy,” said Ivanovski.

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