Macedonia needs friends like Orban

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The views of some pro-opposition analysts that awarding of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, will distance Macedonia from the EU is elementary nonsense. Orban, who is a great friend of Macedonia and principled politician who strongly supports our country in an attempt to start negotiations with the European Union, will be awarded today the Order of Merit 8th September by Macedonian President Gjorgje Ivanov.

The Prime Minister Orban is awarded with “September 8” Order for exceptional merit in developing and strengthening friendly relations and peaceful equitable cooperation between Macedonia and Hungary, as well as promoting and strengthening the international position and prestige of the Republic of Macedonia.

Some media close to the opposition want to discredit this act, writing that the Order for Orban, is distancing Macedonia from the European Union, allegedly because of his policies that often conflict with EU norms.

In an article published by Radio Free Europe comments of pro-opposition analysts are published, who are trying to tarnish Orban’s visit and the act of awarding. However, when analyzing in detail the “experts” you can see that they are not independent and are also incompetent to assess whether Orban has earned the Order or not.

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