The former journalist Vesna Kovachevska Trpchevska lose the lawsuit from “Kanal 5”

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The former journalist from Kanal 5 television, today employed at the SDSM Centre for Public Communication, lost the lawsuit for defamation from “Kanal 5”, informs Netpress the private security companies.

The lawsuit was filed and after the cancellation of her contract with the television, when she was spoke around that, she has been fired from work because of the order from the President of the Cabinet of Prime Minister, Martin Protugjer.

– But the fact that she has lost the appeal and the new job and the judgment for paying fine is just proof that the entire drama is actually well directed political game under the baton of SDSM, writes Netpress.

Nearly three years ago Kovacevska Trpcevska was fired. Then she, with an open letter to the public accused that the government’s influence is the reason why she has been fired. She also said that apparently, the President of the Cabinet of Prime Minister, Martin Protugjer ordered it and several journalists were fired because of their political orientation. Kovacevska Trpcevska stressed that “the duo Gruevski – Protugjer created the editorial and personnel policies in TV Kanal 5.”

– Since she has been talking around about the political influence on editorial policy in the TV Kanal 5, the leadership sued her for defamation to protect its integrity and reputation in the media. The lost lawsuit and fine, which was imposed on Kovachevska Trpchevska, prove that all her words and accusations were false and unsubstantiated, writes Netpress.

Additionally, if we take into account the fact that she works in the press center at the headquarters of SDSM opens dilemma that likely her appearance and defamations were politically motivated to inflict political damage.

To remind the public, the journalists Robert Popovski and Vesna Kovachevska Trpchevska were first engaged in managerial positions at Head SDSM responsible for the management of media appearances and PR.

Since then television came up with an explanation that Kanal 5 does not delivered notice to the journalist but suggested mutual agreement for contract termination. The leadership has emphasized that television has electronic recording for presence at the workplace, as well as file for the number of performed assignments. According to the records, the journalist was not at work for months, and that was not tolerated for other reasons, but because they were aware, that she is single parent. This fact, on several occasions, has been pointed to her, but she has ignored all the talk about job responsibilities.

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