SDSM sends a message to Andrej Petrov via Sase Politiko?

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Former vice president of SDSM Zoran Jovanovski, who after the election of Zoran Zaev for leader of the Social Democrats is out of the party, recently called the vice president of SDSM, Radmila Sekerinska asking why she does 

- “I wonder why Radmila Sekerinska does not candidate in the elections for president of Macedonia next year?” wrote Jovanovski on his Facebook profile.

This attitude raises the question whether Jovanovski considers Shekerinska for a good candidate or just provokes her.

Zoran Jovanovski ended the relations SDSM in April this year. Once Crvenkovski withdrew from the leadership chair, Jovanovski expressed ambitions to become president of the party, but was defeated in the race by Zaev and Shekerinska.

Zoran Jovanovski is well known in the public to be very close to the former general secretary of the SDSM, Andrej Petrov, who just like Jovanovski following the election of new leadership, withdrew from active participation in the biggest opposition party.


SDSM sends a message to Andrej Petrov via Sase Politiko?

After Zoran Jovanovski asked Radmila Sekerinska why she did not accept to be opposition candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, Sase Ivanovski – Politiko gave his opinion.

-“Ex – General Secretary of the SDSM, Andrej Petrov returned at full -time job in Sistina”, writes Sase Ivanovski at its portal Maktel.

Party sources of “Kurir” says that the leadership of SDSM which is quite close to Ivanovski , wants to send a message to Andrej Petrov and Zoran Jovanovski not to mingle and to distance themselves from the new policy of the Social Democrats.

The choice of a new president of SDSM was followed by many inner squabbles and disagreements that came out in public, which according to party sources still continues.

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