Balkanska Mlekara, New Owner of Swedmilk

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By decision of today’s assembly of creditors, the assets in bankruptcy of the dairy Swedmilk will be sold to Balkanska Mlekara Skopje, whose founder is one of the largest Turkish companies in the milk business, Sutash. They previously purchased the right to pledge collateral property of NLB Tutunska Banka, Balkanska Mlekara is the owner of the entire Swedmilk property.

As the Agency of Foreign Investment and Export Promotion reported, in order to quickly restart the production, their expert team arrived today in Macedonia and they will work on the preparations.

Besides taking over the Diary, the company announced an additional investment in building new plants and facilities and also opening the plant for production of fodder. The company also plans to expand with the purchase of some existing agricultural facilities and by signing contracts with farmers cooperatives.

The company announced the arrival of a senior representative of Sutash in Macedonia, who will present their plans on a press conference.

The Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of Macedonia, actively participated in finding an investor for the dairy in the past year, during which they maintained constant communication with the developer in order to deliver the project.

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